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Tanzania Travel Facts

Tanzania in Concrete Facts and Figures

Tanzania, a place of incredible dimensions stretches across 945,097 sq. km. encompassing both the mainland and the Zanzibar archipelago. To grasp its sheer vastness, consider that Tanzania is four times the size of Great Britain, seven times larger than England, and slightly more expansive than the state of Texas. We go forth into more detail about Tanzania Travel Facts in the subsequent sections.

Wildlife Kingdom

Tanzania’s wildlife is living proof of the grand scale of nature. Simba Safaris welcomes you to explore this majestic kingdom, home to the famed Big Five and over 1,000 bird species. And, where each national park and conservation area is a section in the story of life.

Big Five Majesty

Tanzania is a Big Five stronghold. The African elephant, African lion, African leopard, African buffalo, and the critically endangered black rhinoceros all find refuge in its wild expanses. Safaris in Tanzania promise thrilling encounters with these iconic creatures, showcasing the remarkable diversity of wildlife.

Wings of Abundance

With over 1,000 bird species gracing its skies and habitats, Tanzania is a paradise for birdwatchers. From the vibrant lilac-breasted roller to the majestic fish eagle – each species adds to the display of nature. Discover the details of birdlife while travelling in Tanzania and during safari and trekking outings.

Ecosystems of Wonder

Tanzania's diverse ecosystems, ranging from savannahs to rainforests, provide the foundation for its rich wildlife heritage. Witness the annual Great Migration in the Serengeti, or marvel at the thriving biodiversity in the Selous Game Reserve. We ensure that safari-goers get to capitalize on the best seats in the house for the grand spectacle of Tanzania's wildlife.

We share the Heart of Tanzania with every Guest and bring its warmth to you – the adventurer!

Firoz Simba
Founder, Simba Safaris

In our hearts beats a deep love for Tanzania, a place we hold in the highest regard. Our mission is to share the warmth and friendly spirit of the Tanzanian communities with every guest who goes on this incredible journey. To achieve this, we've assembled a team of expert hosts, guides, and excursion managers who share our passion for this country. It's our dream and privilege to open its entrances to people from around the world. We eagerly anticipate the day we welcome you to Tanzania, to share the special gift that is this extraordinary land.

Cultural Jumble

Tanzania houses traditions of over 120 ethnic groups and languages. Each of the groups contributes to the nation’s unique heritage. This, in turn, creates a vibrant combination of customs, music, dance, and art. The following are some notable cultural experiences visitors can have during a Tour in Tanzania:

  • Exploring the Maasai's pastoral traditions, the Chaga's agricultural expertise, and the Hadzabe's hunter-gatherer way of life.
  • Immersion into the ancient rituals and vibrant celebrations that define each ethnic group's identity.
  • Joining in on traditional dance performances, attending local markets, and sharing conversations with the people who proudly carry their cultural legacy forward.

Simba Safaris thoroughly encourages travellers to fully become a part of the cultural diversity and discover exactly what it means to get an insight into the country’s identity.

Tanzania Travel Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Tanzania covers 945,097 sq km making it the largest country in East Africa.

Tanzania is home to diverse landscapes, including Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater, and an exquisite Indian Ocean coastline and Southern Highlands.

Tanzania boasts 22 national parks and 34 wildlife management areas, contributing to its renowned wildlife conservation efforts.

The Big Five—African elephant, African lion, African leopard, African buffalo, and black rhinoceros—are iconic species that draw wildlife enthusiasts to Tanzania's national parks.

Tanzania has a rich historical heritage such as Olduvai Gorge, from ancient civilizations to its pivotal role in Africa's struggle for independence.


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Hitting the road with a group of friends or family? You’ll enjoy some pretty sweet perks along the way.

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