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Marangu Route

Hut Comforts on Kilimanjaro’s Peaks

Explore the iconic Marangu Route with Simba Safaris, your expert in Kilimanjaro treks. Dubbed the "Coca-Cola" route, Marangu is Kilimanjaro's oldest and most established path. It offers unique dormitory-style sleeping huts with bunk beds, mattresses, and pillows, allowing climbers a respite from camping. Alongside, these huts also provide communal dining halls and various bathroom facilities, ranging from modern amenities to more basic setups at higher altitudes.

Many choose Marangu for its gradual slope and straightforward trail. However, its shorter duration may pose challenges for proper altitude acclimatization. Originating from the southeast, Marangu's appeal is its historic simplicity. But remember that the ascent and descent follow the same path, making it a less scenic but more crowded option. Trust in the seasoned knowledge of Simba Safaris to navigate this unique route and enhance your climbing experience.

Simba Safaris – Tanzania – East Africa, has Followed this simple yet successful formula for over Fifty years and it has earned us a reputation as the finest luxury safari operator in East Africa. Despite the challenging global situation, we have no plans to change our “modus operandi” and we plan to enhance it further.


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In our hearts beats a deep love for Tanzania, a place we hold in the highest regard. Our mission is to share the warmth and friendly spirit of the Tanzanian communities with every guest who goes on this incredible journey. To achieve this, we've assembled a team of expert hosts, guides, and excursion managers who share our passion for this country. It's our dream and privilege to open its entrances to people from around the world. We eagerly anticipate the day we welcome you to Tanzania, to share the special gift that is this extraordinary land.

Summiting Kilimanjaro's Heights

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Marangu Route


Marangu covers about 82km or 50 miles. The route can be completed in a minimum of 5 days, but considering arrival and departure, it usually spans 9-10 days. Opting for the 6-day hike improves success rates, given its shorter nature.

The Marangu Route, being among Kilimanjaro's shortest Climbing Routes, has lower success rates. The 5-day hike has a success rate of only 50%. However, choosing the 6-day trek can push the success rate above 90%.

On the Marangu trek, you'll journey through rainforests, moorlands, alpine terrains, and finally, glaciers. Unique to this route, trekkers descend the same path they climbed.

Marangu is often chosen by first-time hikers due to its hut accommodations, making it different from other Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes where tent camping is the norm. While many find it less demanding than other Kilimanjaro trails, it's essential to remember that the 5-day trek can be challenging because there's little time for altitude adjustment. The 6-day variant provides more acclimatization time, though it still requires good physical health.

The most favourable months to climb Kilimanjaro via Marangu are from July to September due to stable weather conditions and lesser rain. Although Kilimanjaro can be climbed year-round, it's wise to skip the heavy rainfall months of April and May.

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