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Tanzania Safety

Exploring Tanzania Safely

Tanzania is a traveller's dream. Renowned for its safety, especially during organized safaris, Tanzania offers a serene backdrop for awe-inspiring adventures. While city centres might have occasional thefts, a few easy precautions can keep you safe. Every year, Tanzania welcomes close to a million visitors, with most experiences being smooth and delightful. This read offers essential insights and advice to ensure a seamless Tanzanian journey for you. Discover the vibrant wildlife, rich culture, and magnificent landscapes, making your Tanzanian trip safe and truly memorable with us.

Navigating the Wild with Confidence

The unparalleled beauty of Tanzania's wilderness can be enjoyed to the fullest when you know you're in safe hands. Simba Safaris emphasize:

  • Guidance: Always heed your guide’s directives. Their wisdom and experience make the journey enjoyable and secure.
  • Respect for Wildlife: Maintain a respectful distance. Whether on a guided or self-drive safari, avoid disturbing animals or getting too close.
  • Attire & Essentials: Wearing subtle clothing, avoiding solid perfumes, and protecting against mosquitoes are simple yet effective steps. Bring warm clothes for morning rides, and always stay hydrated.
  • Safety Zones: Only step off from vehicles in designated areas. This ensures you're in a space familiar to your guide and safe from unpredictable wildlife behaviour.

 Simba Safaris prioritizes not only the magnificence of the experience but also the safety and well-being of every traveller. Remember, the wilderness is home to these majestic creatures; following these guidelines ensures we appreciate their domain without intrusion.

We share the Heart of Tanzania with every Guest and bring its warmth to you – the adventurer!

Firoz Simba
Founder, Simba Safaris

In our hearts beats a deep love for Tanzania, a place we hold in the highest regard. Our mission is to share the warmth and friendly spirit of the Tanzanian communities with every guest who goes on this incredible journey. To achieve this, we've assembled a team of expert hosts, guides, and excursion managers who share our passion for this country. It's our dream and privilege to open its entrances to people from around the world. We eagerly anticipate the day we welcome you to Tanzania, to share the special gift that is this extraordinary land.

Ensuring Urban Safety

Tanzania's urban centres, while pulsating with life, require a different set of precautions. Simba Safaris recommends:

  • Local Insights: Always consult your hotel about the neighbourhood’s safety. Local knowledge is priceless.
  • Travel Light: Avoid flaunting valuables; if you need to carry them, ensure they're well-hidden.
  • Night Safety: It's advisable to avoid late-night walks. If you have to move around, opt for a taxi.
  • Cash & Valuables: When withdrawing money, be vigilant. Always lock car doors and ensure no valuable is visible.

Navigating Tanzania's bustling urban spaces becomes smoother with the proper precautions. Stay informed, be discreet with your belongings, prioritize safety after dark, and handle cash carefully. Experience the vibrancy of Tanzania's cities confidently and securely.

Safety while exploring Tanzania isn't just about guidelines. It's also about choosing the right tour partner. Our extensive experience ensures every traveller a memorable journey filled with wonder, no worries. Join us today and travel confidently!


Tanzania Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Tanzania is generally safe for tourists, especially when visiting as part of an organized safari.

While most tourist areas in Tanzania are safe, checking current travel advisories for specific regions is always wise.

Like many tourist destinations, more prominent cities in Tanzania may have incidents of theft and pickpocketing. However, with basic precautions, tourists can minimize these risks.

Wildlife safaris are generally very safe, especially those organized by reputable tour operators like us. Always follow the guidelines provided by your tour guide.

Many solo travellers visit Tanzania every year without any issues. However, it's advisable to stick to well-travelled areas and perhaps join group tours for added security.


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Hitting the road with a group of friends or family? You’ll enjoy some pretty sweet perks along the way.

Group Travel

Hitting the road with a group of friends or family? You’ll enjoy some pretty sweet perks along the way.

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