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From Beads to Beaming Smiles – Masai Village Discovery!

Enjoy a journey beyond the savannah’s golden plains and the wildlife wonders that Tanzania is renowned for. Simba Safaris offers you the opportunity to explore the rich culture of the Maasai people, right in the middle of their village. This authentic experience invites you to witness the vibrant traditions, pastoral lifestyle, and mesmerizing high jumps of the Maasai. After immersing in the Maasai's vibrant culture, you can further your connection by exploring the Maasai Craft Centre and acquiring handmade artefacts crafted by these remarkable people. Discover the call of genuine Maasai culture, a journey that Simba Safaris is honoured to offer!

The Maasai Way Of Life

In the heart of Tanzania's savannah lies a world unlike any other. Simba Safaris extends an invitation to travellers to the daily rhythms of the Maasai people – a community fundamentally associated with the land they inhabit. Here, life unfolds in agreement with nature, and the Maasai way of life is a variety of pastoral traditions, striking attire, and age-old customs.

Pastoral Pioneers

The Maasai people are renowned as pastoralists, with cattle playing a decisive role in their lives. Each day, the Maasai tend to their herds, ensuring their well-being and sustenance. It's a depiction of coexistence with nature, where the land provides for the people, and the people, in turn, care for the land.

Age-Old Traditions

From vibrant ceremonies to time-honoured rituals, the Maasai way of life is deeply rooted in tradition. Witness their dances, hear their songs, and immerse yourself in their customs. Every element of daily life carries the weight of history, inviting you to connect with a culture that rises above the confines of time.

Beaded Elegance

The Maasai are celebrated for their characteristic and colourful attire. Adorned in intricately beaded jewellery and garments, the clothing reflects their rich culture and heritage. Each bead and colour holds significance, relating stories of their people and their place in the world.

We share the Heart of Tanzania with every Guest and bring its warmth to you – the adventurer!

Firoz Simba
Founder, Simba Safaris

In our hearts beats a deep love for Tanzania, a place we hold in the highest regard. Our mission is to share the warmth and friendly spirit of the Tanzanian communities with every guest who goes on this incredible journey. To achieve this, we've assembled a team of expert hosts, guides, and excursion managers who share our passion for this country. It's our dream and privilege to open its entrances to people from around the world. We eagerly anticipate the day we welcome you to Tanzania, to share the special gift that is this extraordinary land.

Interactive Cultural Experiences

Simba Safaris opens the door to engaging with the Maasai community in a truly immersive way. Beyond the surface level, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a lot of interactive cultural experiences such as:

Traditional Maasai Dances and Songs – These are a captivating glimpse into the community’s cultural expression. Join the circle, feel the rhythm, and dance alongside the Maasai as they celebrate their heritage.

Handicraft Demonstrations – The Maasai are artisans, crafting beautiful jewelry, beadwork, and ornaments. Simba Safaris allows you to partake in the creative process, where Maasai women share their expertise, teaching visitors the art of beadwork and craftsmanship.

Storytelling and Bonding – Gather around a campfire as the Maasai share stories of their history and beliefs. This intimate setting is a chance to ask questions, learn about their experiences, and form genuine connections.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can arrange a visit at the time of booking or en-route to the national park (payable in cash on arrival), ensuring authenticity and responsible tourism.

You'll witness traditional dances, songs, and learn about Maasai customs. You can also engage in handicraft demonstrations and connect with the community.

Responsible operators, like us at Simba Safaris, prioritize cultural sensitivity and eco-friendly practices to ensure a respectful experience.

Yes, many Maasai communities allow photography. Though, it's always a good idea to ask for permission and respect their preferences, and an amount to be negotiated and paid directly to them (head of Maasai Boma individual).

Yes, you can purchase authentic Maasai handicrafts during cultural tours to Maasai establishments. This helps in supporting the community's economic sustainability.


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