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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the crown of Tanzania. The view of this majestic mountain's gigantic snow-capped summit dome, rising high above the surrounding savannah is one of Africa's classic images. At 5896 metres (19,344 ft), Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and one of the highest volcanoes in the world, attracting trekkers and climbers fromevery corner of the world. The attraction is even greater because with time and adequate preparation, it is possible to walk all the way to the summit without technical mountaineering equipment or experience

Marangu Route and Machama Route are the one very well know to all, but we have also included other routes which are now becoming popular and the demand is growning due to un-crowded.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to call us any time. Please Contact Mr Firoz Dharamshi or Mr Mohamedjabir Bhimani or Arif Bhimani for net rates. All net rates will be issued subject to Terms and conditions and Agreement contract to be signed in line to rules and regulation of the Country – TANZANIA

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We had a wonderful time in Tanzania with our amazing guide Estomih! He was so nice to us and did everything he could so we can have an excellent trip! He has so many knowledges about animals and the entire area. He tought us so many interesant things.


United Kingdom

Booked a 6 night Tanzanian northern parks tour directly with Simba safaris dealing with Mohammed. He was very helpful in advising best area to visit during the month of February for game viewing..


London, United Kingdom

There are not enough words in any language to describe our experience with Simba Safaris, specifically with our safari driver/guide, Geoffroy Bosco!.

Gina Schofield

Ottawa, Canada

We had the most amazing experience … our driver Urassa was outstanding he was so attentive and his love of the animals was so evident … the lodges along our route were exceptional.


Summerhill, Ireland

We spent 4 days with our guide Estommy on safari. He made these 4 days unforgettable for us. With his knowledge he could answer us every question on the animals and gave us a very good insight in african culture, as we could ask him everything.

Jil S

Ottawa, Canada

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Kilimanjaro Gear List

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro requires proper equipment to ensure safety and comfort during the ascent.


Kilimanjaro Cost

The cost of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the duration of the climb


Kilimanjaro Foods

Kilimanjaro Climbing Foods and Cuisine often consist of simple and nourishing meals that are easy to prepare and carry.


Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, is one of the most sought-after destinations for adventure seekers from around the world.





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