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Kusini Tented Camp


Kusini is located in the South part of the Serengeti National Park. The park itself covers more than 14,763 sq. kilometers. With no other camps in the near vicinity, Kusini offers exceptional and essentially private game viewing ...

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Mbalageti Serengeti


Mbalageti Serengeti is located in the western corridor of the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. The Lodge offers a breathtaking 360-dgree panorama view of the Serengeti Plain lands and the Mbalageti River, where one ...

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Mbuzi Mawe Serena Camp


A place of infinite calm surrounded by untamed majesty, Mbuzi Mawe offers a timeless blend of classical safari rusticity and unlike any other camp, it lies at the epicenter of the Serengeti within easy reach of the prime wildlife theatres of Lobo ...

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Kleins Camp


Set in an exclusive private concession deep in the heart of Maasai territory in the game-rich north eastern Serengeti, Klein's Camp (10 cottages) is one of Tanzania's true gems. It is right off the beaten tourist track, and ...

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Asilia Sayari Camp Serengeti


Sayari Camp is situated at a fantastic site on the Mara River, in the unspoilt and undiscovered northern part of the Serengeti National Park, one the best kept secrets of African safaris. The camp is ideally located to witness the ...

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Kirawira Serena Luxury Camp


Close to the Grumeti River, famed for its giant crocodiles, perched on a hill with uninterrupted views of the plains of the Western Serengeti, Kirawira Camp offers its guests a luxurious tented African safari ...

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Ikoma Bush Camp


Serengeti Tented Camp: simplicity and rustic-ness are the ambiance of the camp, three kilometers from the Ikoma Gate of the Serengeti National Park. The camp is well situated for numerous fantastic game drives and walk ...

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Serengeti Migration Camp


Serengeti Migration Camp is the embodiment of the ‘camp’ experience. Located next to the famous Grumeti River which is home to resident hippos that bark and wallow their days away, Serengeti Migration Camp ...

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Four Seasons Safari Lodge - Serengeti


The large, upmarket Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti is located in the centre of the Serengeti National Park, with a waterhole adjacent to the lodge. It lies just north of the productive wildlife area around Seronera ...

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Serengeti Simba Lodge


Serengeti Simba Lodge is located in the migration path near the Ft Ikoma gate of Serengeti National Park while Karatu Simba Lodge is nestled up against the Ngorongoro Forest, between Lake Manyara National Park and the ...

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Serengeti Under Canvas - Luxury Mobile Camp


Serengeti Under Canvas is a luxurious semi-permanent tented camp that moves around the Serengeti bringing guests within range of the massive herds of the Great Migration ...

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Grumeti Migration Camp


Situated in the Grumeti Game Reserve adjacent to the Serengeti National Park, Grumeti Migration Camp is a small, privately owned wilderness camp offering intimacy, comfort and exclusivity in the heart of one of ...

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Serengeti Kati Kati Tented Camp


A mobile tented camp located in Central Serengeti, strategically located to cover the vast Serengeti Plains. The camp offers comfortable accommodation and a unique opportunity to enjoy a real safari camp experience. The ...

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Sasakwa Lodge - Serengeti


Singita Sasakwa Lodge is located in the Grumeti Reserves in northern Tanzania, and forms part of the Serengeti Mara ecosystem. The view from the lodge’s spacious veranda is almost endless over the majestic ...

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Sabora Tented Camp - Serengeti


Singita Sabora Tented Camp is situated in an untouched wilderness area of Grumeti Reserves, spanning over 350,000 acres in northern Tanzania. The intimate 1920s-style explorer’s camp is permeated by a sense of ...

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Explore Mobile Camp


Without a doubt this is the most authentic “roughing-it in great style” experience the Serengeti has to offer. A private use camp on the plains of the Serengeti, it is a return to the simplicity and authenticity ...

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Sayari Camp - Mara River


Set close to the banks of the Mara River, and boasting dramatic views out across the wide plains of the northern Serengeti, Sayari Camp offers an exclusive window and unparalleled access to the greatest migration on the ...

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Olakira Camp


Like the wildebeest that are the stars of the Serengeti Annual Migration, Olakira Camp is a wanderer; a luxurious under-canvas camp that moves with the seasons, forever following the herds to ensure you have a front-row ...

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Kimondo Camp


Kimondo is a traveller, forever following the herds as they migrate across the plains of the Serengeti. From the dramatic Lamai Wedge and Mara River during winter, to the lush grasslands of the southern Serengeti ...

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Serengeti Wilderness Camp


Serengeti North Wilderness Camp is a ‘seasonal’ camp located in the north of the Serengeti National Park, a short distance from the banks of the Mara River. The style of camp is simple but with every comfort being ...

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Lemala Mara - Northern Serengeti


Lemala Mara is the ultimate seasonal camp in Serengeti, within touching distance of the Mara River and set under large Euclea trees in the heart of the best game viewing area of the Northern Serengeti. Here, in this immense ...

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Serengeti Bush Tops - North


A Tanzanian haven for serious safari seekers, Serengeti Bushtops is an oasis of 5-star luxury within one of the world’s most magical settings. Picture yourself gazing out over the stunning scenery of the Serengeti. Imagine ...

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Serengeti Wilderness Camp


Serengeti North Wilderness Camp is a ‘seasonal’ camp located in the north of the Serengeti National Park, a short distance from the banks of the Mara River. The style of camp is simple but with every comfort being ...

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Buffalo Luxury Camp


Buffalo Luxury Camp is a 15-tented camp with luxurious, en-suite tents and comfortable lodge that houses the bar, art room, lounge and dining room along with an outdoor fire pit on the terrace. You will feel right at home ...

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Serengeti Wild Camp

Located in the Seronera Area of the Serengeti National Park this is at the heart of the Serengeti. The Seronera abounds in wildlife all the year round and you will be able to sit in under your tent verandah or dine ...

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Serengeti Sopa Lodge


Built on the edge of the escarpment, overlooking the plains of the south-western, Serengeti National Park is home to many thousands of wild and rare animals.
Serengeti Sopa Lodge lies ...

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Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge


Set high on a hill with 360 degree views out over the Serengeti savannah, the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge combines luxury with simplicity and is Africa at its very best. Inspired by the traditional ...

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Lake Masek Tented Camp


Discover exclusive luxury at Lake Masek Luxury Tented Camp situated in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area overlooking Lake Masek. This unique location is witness to the Wildebeest Migration which takes place from ...

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Lobo Wildlife Lodge


Situated overlooking the Serengeti Plains. This National Park is known for its large amount of grazing mammals, including 1.5 million wildebeest. Serengeti is derived from the Masaai word "Serenget" ...

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Asilia Olakira Camp Serengeti


Olakira Camp is mobile camp in the Serengeti that moves with the Migration in the southern and central Serengeti area (the northern Serengeti being covered by its sister camp Sayari Camp). Typically, the camp will be in ...

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Grumeti River Camp


Grumeti River Camp is set in the remote western corridor of the Serengeti National Park. Interpretive game drives explore savanna and woodlands boasting the largest mass of free-ranging game on earth, and vast herds of ...

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Serengeti Pioneer Camp


Located in South Central Serengeti - Tanzania - (within the Moru Kopjes area), Serengeti Pioneer Camp is ideally situated to offer superlative access to the annual migration and the ‘Big 5’ with sweeping views ...

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Seronera Wildlife Lodge


Seronera Wildlife Lodge is artfully constructed around a rocky outcrop from glass and wood elements, perfectly blending into its surrounding; next to the lodge, several waterholes attract, day and night, the most amazing ...

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Soroi Serengeti Safari Lodge


Soroi Serengeti is set high on a natural plateau with endless views over the vast plains of Musabi, giving you a truly unforgettable African experience. ...

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Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp & Beyond


Located in the remote Western Corridor of the Serengeti, Grumeti provides a private Serengeti experience with exclusive game viewing in some of the most secluded parts of Africa’s most famous game reserve ...

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Sanctuary Sernegeti Migration Camp


Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp will move between three different locations, literally following the migration as it travels across the Serengeti, offering guests year round access to this incredible spectacle ...

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Ikoma Tented Camp – Serengeti


Set in the midst of an incredible scenery of savannah and skies, you find Ikoma Tented Camp, sheltered in a grove of acacia trees. Ikoma has 35 traditional Meru tents, each under thatch with a private veranda ...

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Serengeti Osupuko Camp


In the central of Serengeti, the mobile luxury camp is scenically located on the slopes of Rongai Hills where sun-rise is your daily wake-up call and beautiful sun-set will always alert you to go to the camp fire or ...

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Serengeti House


Singita Serengeti House, located on the slopes of Sasakwa Hill in the expansive 350,000 acre Grumeti Reserves, is an exclusive-use retreat. The property is specifically designed to welcome families and friends ...

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Faru Faru Lodge - Serengeti


Singita Faru Faru Lodge is set in Grumeti in northern Tanzania, forming part of the Serengeti Mara ecosystem. Built on a gently sloping hill, this riverine lodge, positioned on the renowned migratory route ...

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Mara River Tented Camp - Serengeti


Singita Mara River Tented Camp is the epitome of sustainable tourism and consciously seeks to eliminate the unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials. In keeping with this philosophy, the camp ...

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Dunia Camp


Dunia is a small, intimate camp that evokes a sense of being immersed in nature - as close as you will ever get - while still being able to enjoy the warm hospitality and luxury that the camp offers. Attention to ...

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Ubuntu Camp


Ubuntu Camp is a small, seasonal camp located in the Serengeti National Park. It moves with the Great Wildebeest Migration across the Serengeti and consistently offers spectacular game viewing opportunities ...

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Namiri Plains


Namiri Plains, in the remote Eastern corner of the Serengeti, is the realisation of a dream for all of us at Asilia. The area, that was closed for 20 years to create a safe haven for cheetah, opened in July 2014 and ...

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Lemala Kurla Hills


Offering unrivalled luxury, the camp is situated in the Wogakurya Hills, close to the Mara River and within the main corridor of the world-famous wildebeest migration. Large boulders and kopjes form the prominent ...

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Lemala Ewanjan - Central Serengeti


Lemala Ewanjan is a deluxe seasonal camp with 10 beautiful suite tents set along the western slopes of Makoma Hill within the game-rich Seronera Valley in a secluded part of Central Serengeti. The camp offers ...

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Speke Bay Lodge - Western Serengeti


Speke Bay Lodge is located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, East Africa. It is 15 kilometres from the Serengeti National Park, and 125 kilometres north of Mwanza. Speke Bay is part ...

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Intimate Places Camping - Serengeti


As such it plays the major role in the world’s most famous wildebeest migration, which involves some two million wildebeest and other ungulates. But even when the migration is out of range, the sheer volume ...

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Kirurumu Under Canvas


Kirurumu Serengeti Camp is a luxury mobile camp, moved seasonally to take best advantage of the vast Serengeti. The camp is used as a base, a spring board for an early morning game drive, a break for a sumptuous lunch, a ...

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Ikoma Wild Camp


This is located near Fort Ikoma, not far from the Grumeti River and just outside of the Serengeti National Park. The area is part of the Grumeti Game Reserve which comes under the Tanzania National Parks authority. Looser ...

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