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Accomodations in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar Serena Inn

Idyllically situated on the sea-front of ancient Stone Town, and flanked by an exotic mix of sultan's palaces, Portuguese forts, ancient dhow harbours, and bright bazaars, the Zanzibar Serena Hotel is a haven of tranquility ...

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Tembo House Hotel

The Tembo House Hotel & Apartments has on array of antique furniture and ornaments from all over the World. Sleeping on an unique Swahili beds and enjoy the wood carved furniture which rarely seen in many countries.

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Accomodations in Pemba Island

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Fundu Lagoon - Pemba

Fundu Lagoon is on Pemba Island, the sister island toZanzibar lying across the Pemba Channel to the north. The lodge is situated on a remote and beautiful beach on the south western side of the island and is only accessible

Manta Resort - Pemba

This beautiful island was found in 2007 when looking for the perfect place to launch our Underwater Room concept. Since then we have been building up a very close relationship with the people of Pemba, and at the same ...

Accomodations in Mafia Island

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Mafia Island Lodge

Mafia Island is the largest of a small archipelago of islands and atolls and is truly a paradise in the Indian Ocean. It is the southern most of three islands (Pemba & Zanzibar) located off the coast of Tanzania. 25kms ...

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Pole Pole - Mafia Island

Seven bungalow suites, perfectly blended with the surrounding tropical garden, overlook the infinite hues of blue of Chole Bay, the core of Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania. Pole Pole, considered one of the most ...

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